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Fakultät Rehabilitationswissenschaften

Music making ability

Since autumn 2019, the importance of music-making skills has been a new project of the Department of Music and Movement in Rehabilitation and Pedagogy in Disability.

  • Cooperation project with special schools with the focus on mental development and music schools in the surrounding cities of Dortmund.
  • At the interface of school and extracurricular musical support for pupils, teachers and music school teachers are interested in joint work processes around the topic of school band. The aim is to work out what the ability to make music means in the context of so-called mental disabilities.
  • The project was successfully completed and awarded the "Best Practice Award" of the Association of German Music Schools in the context of "Kultur macht Stark".
  • Thanks to the generous donation of €10,000 by the Leo Club Dortmund "Florian", in the future the young and older patients on the wards will also be able to draw and make music digitally, for example. We would like to take this opportunity to thank you once again for supporting the project through the Advent calendar campaign!