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Fakultät Rehabilitationswissenschaften

How to reach the Movement Ambulatorium

On the North Campus of the Technical University of Dortmund you will find us in the sports building, Otto-Hahn-Str. 3, room 0.03 to room 0.06.

In order to find the Movement Ambulatorium in the sports building, it is best to follow the directions:

  1. You enter the sports building through the main entrance (gatekeeper).
  2. Once you are inside the building, please walk down the hallway to the right and follow it to the end. You will then exit the building through the glass door and follow the signs to the Exercise Outpatient Center, which means.
  3. After leaving the building, turn left and walk along the left side between the sports building and the movement outpatient clinic to reach our main entrance. You enter the building and immediately turn right through the glass door. Now you are in the entrance area of the movement ambulatory and the sports studio (Fitness Förderwerk). You will find our waiting area, the locker room and the exercise room on the right side.

The premises of the movement ambulatory are barrier-free and accessible for wheelchair users.  We have a handicapped accessible toilet.