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Open access publication on the Research Topic "Dance and Disability" published by Frontiers in Psychology.

In the past decades, dance has developed into an interesting object of research, whose knowledge potential is now recognized by many scientific disciplines such as social and educational sciences, cognitive and neurosciences as well as health and rehabilitation sciences. A special focus is on the so-called mixed abled dance, in which dancers with the most diverse physical, psychological and mental conditions dance and work together with each other as equals. This is one of the reasons why (mixed abled) dance now plays an important role in the implementation of inclusion in all areas of life and gives a new, strong impulse to the scientific and artistic research landscape. With the research topic "Dance and Disability" the editors Bettina Bläsing, Sarah Whatley and Susanne Quinten want to underline and advance this development. The journal's seven articles highlight approaches and ideas from artistic, therapeutic and pedagogical contexts and present empirical findings, methodological questions and theoretical considerations on the topic of dance and disability.

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